Sustainability Week

The purpose of the Sustainability Week is similar to the one of Green Friday. Hence, its goal is to host a wider range of activities that span over an entire week. Each day, students have the opportunity to discover sustainability topics related to different industries and sectors.

Additionally, this year oikos Barcelona has been in partnership with Forest Nation to fundraise and create an oikos Barcelona Forest.

Green Marketing Hub

Green Marketing Hub was a 2 day online event focused around combining innovation, sustainability and marketing. 

Situated in the first week of November and open to all Esade students, it provided the opportunity to learn both about SDG driven start-ups and businesses, as well as about the practical approach to the marketing strategies they are undertaking.

In the first day we brought speakers specialized in marketing from several Sustainability related industries and start-ups, while in the second one we had a case competition with ocean52. 



Sustainable Finance


Sustainability Cycle

Sustainability Cycle was an event where we hosted a case competition based on a case chosen from oikos International. The case we selected for this year’s Sustainability Cycle was about Authenticitys, a sustainable tourism startup in Barcelona.

Guest speakers from DESconnect and Feel By Doing addressed topics related to the case and there was also a guest judge. oikos Barcelona organized a breakfast and a lunch for the participants, while our collaborator Beauty and Go brought us juices for the day.

Legal Talks

Legal Talks is a set of short interviews with experts in the field of a wide range of sustainability-related legislative realities in Spain. Its aim is to raise awareness of current normative bodies regulating areas such as climate change, energy, migration etc. and their implications in our national territory and the European community. Where are we in terms of sustainability and where are we heading? Find out each month on Legal Talks.