Brooks Running, with international headquarters in Seattle, Washington, is a company dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of running equipment, with innovation in design and materials at the core. They are runners themselves, and they design and manufacture the clothes and shoes that they themselves want to wear when they go running, that is: they offer material designed by runners and for runners.

At Brooks they assure that running can change your day, your life and even the world, and that is why they want to spread their passion for running with people, always following their philosophy: #RunHappy. For them, to be a runner, it is enough to put one foot in front of the other, whether you are a running champion or someone who has just started. The point is to be active and, through running and especially Run Happy, to be able to reach the best version of yourself.


At Brooks they have a commitment to the community and the planet. Its goals are simple: everyone who wants to run will be welcome and everyone who runs will have a place to do so.

They want to meet these objectives by aligning with the SDGs, specifically with 4 of them. Among one of its actions is having signed The Climate Pledge to reach the goal of 0 net carbon emissions 10 years earlier than established by the Paris Agreement. Learn more here


We invite you to participate in an amazing plogging event, organized by a collaboration between Brooks Running and oikos Barcelona!

We are going to spend a great time all together, running with the new 0 waste Brooks sneakers while helping make the planet a better place!

And that is not all! We are also going to have a great time with drinks and food afterwards, and Brooks will be there, ensuring that we RUN HAPPY!

Don’t think twice and sign up!!