Sustainability Week

The purpose of the Sustainability Week is similar to the one of Green Friday. Hence, its goal is to host a wider range of activities that span over an entire week. Each day, students have the opportunity to discover sustainability topics related to different industries and sectors. oikos is every year very active in the sustainability week with wide range of activities from think tanks to sustainable flea markets.

Sustainable Finance Think Tanks

The sustainable finance think tanks are a series of think tanks dealing with sustainability in many aspects. Topics discussed were:

  • Sustainability in Finance / ESG investing
  • Sustainability in Transportation
  • Sustainability in Supply Chain
  • Sustainability in Corporate Governance
For this experts from various industries join us and share their knowledge. Furthermore, the program is worth an ETCS credit.

Tree Toolkit

The Tree Tool kit project consists of educating younger generations about climate change. The content mostly focuses on the importance of trees and the ecosystem, as stated by the name of the project. Oikos volunteers  visited many schools in Barcelona, engaging with students in interactive workshops, as well as providing them with tools to plant and take care of trees. The project is very successful and to be expanded in the future.

Legal Talks

Legal Talks is an event in which oikos invited interesting speakers for their knowledge on regulative issues. Typical topics discussed are the Paris Agreement and its compliance and complex legal frameworks shaping sustainability efforts across Europe and worldwide, providing a deep dive into how environmental policies are formulated and implemented.