Beach Cleanup

Every year, oikos holds a beach clean-up in Barceloneta for several hours to have a direct impact right at our beach. For that, oikos collaborates with other associations to maximise the impact with most participants possible. 

Beach pollution is a pressing environmental problem that affects marine ecosystems, wildlife and human health. It occurs when harmful substances such as plastics, chemicals and untreated sewage are discharged into coastal areas. The main sources of beach pollution include sewage from urban areas, industrial discharges and waste left behind by visitors. To reduce beach pollution, coordinated efforts are needed to improve waste management, enforce environmental regulations and raise public awareness of the consequences of pollution and the importance of maintaining clean coastlines.


Sustainable Flea Market

In the flea market project, clothes and accessories are collected at both the Sant Cugat and Pedralbes campuses, which the students generously donate to our project to give them a second life. This project is very important for our association to reduce clothing waste and minimise the impact of disposable fashion. In order to reach a wider audience, we have collaborated with the ESADE Fashion Association.

We are pleased to announce that all funds raised from the event will be donated to a charitable organisation. We have chosen the non-governmental organisation Roba Amiga because of the excellent work they do. You may have noticed the orange containers in Barcelona and Sant Cugat which are the collection points for this organisation! Every year, more than 13,000 tonnes of clothes are donated in these containers, which are then passed on or sold to those in need.

The waste generated by the clothing industry is a significant environmental problem caused by the fast fashion model, which encourages fast consumption and frequent discarding of clothing. This generates millions of tonnes of textile waste every year, much of which ends up in landfill or is incinerated.

Cooking Workshop

Under the umbrella of food waste, oikos Barcelona has taken the initiative to organise a cooking workshop with the aim of give tips on how to reduce food waste at home. There is also a nice competition for the participants competition in which participants were judged on the quality of the dish and the low waste of the produced. It is a good experience for the ESADE community to get together and at the same time learn about the serious problem of food waste and how easily we can all contribute to reducing it.

Food waste is a pervasive problem with a profound impact on the environment, the economy and food safety worldwide. It occurs at every stage of the food supply chain – from agricultural production to the consumer. Globally, around a third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted.

Brooks Running X oikos

Brooks Running, with international headquarters in Seattle, Washington, is a company dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of running gear, with innovation in design and materials at the centre. They are runners themselves and design and manufacture the clothes and shoes they themselves want to wear while running, meaning they offer gear designed by runners and for runners.

In a joint effort to combine fitness with environmental responsibility, oikos teamed up with Brooks for a unique event that invited Esade students to participate in a 5K run through the picturesque streets of Barcelona. The run was not only about physical exercise, but participants also took part in an environmentally friendly activity – collecting rubbish along their route. This initiative was part of a wider campaign to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote an active lifestyle among students.

Around 50 students took part in the run and showed great enthusiasm for combining fitness with a good cause. As they jogged through various neighbourhoods, they helped clean up the city by picking up litter, turning a simple run into a meaningful community service activity. This aspect of the event emphasised how important it is for everyone to contribute to a greater environment.