SDG of the year

SDG for the current year(23/24): 11

Every year we choose a theme that we focus on to raise awareness and money for a related NGO.

This year’s theme is Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Activities in this year’s events will address the issue such as:

  1.  The ICC will deal with the topic
  2. The legal talks
  3. The sustainable finance think tanks

Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11) emphasizes the critical necessity for cities and urban regions to develop in ways that are environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, and economically viable. This goal comes into sharp focus when considering that more than half of the global population currently resides in urban areas—a figure that is projected to increase to 68% by the year 2050. The rapid urbanization poses substantial challenges as it exerts increased pressure on resources, infrastructure, and the overall quality of urban life.

SDG 11 advocates for a reimagined approach to urban development. It envisions cities as centers of ecological awareness, designed and managed to minimize their environmental footprint while maximizing living standards. The goal is for cities to evolve into eco-conscious hubs that foster sustainable practices such as efficient waste management, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and extensive use of renewable energy sources.

Moreover, the inclusivity aspect of SDG 11 is pivotal. It stresses the importance of ensuring that all urban residents, regardless of their socio-economic status, have access to essential services and opportunities. This includes affordable housing, reliable transportation systems, and resilient infrastructures that can withstand environmental stresses and natural disasters.

Economic prosperity is another cornerstone of SDG 11. Cities are engines of economic growth and innovation, and making them sustainable can stimulate job creation, foster enterprise opportunities, and promote stable, prosperous urban economies.

Ultimately, SDG 11 serves as a reminder that the journey towards a sustainable future is closely linked with our ability to innovate and implement holistic solutions in our urban centers. By transforming cities into models of sustainability, we not only improve the quality of life for their inhabitants but also contribute to the broader global agenda of sustainable development.